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Patient Care

By keeping your pets vaccinated, free of parasites, feeding a nutritious healthy diet, keeping dental care up to date, and by neutering your pets - you can reduce or eliminate many serious health risks and diseases.


Of course, if your pet falls ill, we are here to help - however it makes sense to take steps to reduce the chances of this happening!




Preventive care
Dogs and Puppies.

Dogs and Puppies



Cats and Kittens.

Cats and Kittens

We will discuss your individual circumstances and can advise you on the most appropriate treatments and procedures for your pet, depending on their lifestyle, age and general health status. This is part of our ethos here at Chants Vets and will be part of each consultation with the veterinary surgeon or veterinary nurse. We treat the whole animal, not just the disease, and aim to prevent illness wherever possible by recommending excellent preventive care for all our patients. Join our GOLD CLUB to spread the costs and make savings on routine health care.








Gold Club Health Plan

Gold Club Flyer.pdf.