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Patient Care

Dispensing of medications - Veterinary surgeons have legal and professional responsibilities when it comes to the supply of medicinal products. We may only supply prescription medications for the treatment of pets which are under our care.


Drugs used to treat your pet will be licensed veterinary medicines. If there is no licensed product available, the principles of the 'cascade' will be followed, and an unlicensed drug may be used, with your permission. This may be a veterinary product licensed for use in a different species, or a human medication. If this is the case for your pet, we will explain the situation and make sure you are happy with this.


Please allow us a little time to prepare and dispense your pet's medication at the end of a consultation.


Repeat prescriptions – pets on permanent medication must be examined by a veterinary surgeon at regular intervals. Usually at Chants Vets we require a re-examination after three months, however some pets who are unstable or have more than one condition may require more frequent examinations.


Please order your repeat prescription at least 24hours before collection, to allow time for the veterinary surgeon to authorise the medication. If you call in without ordering the medication, we will do our best to help you but if the veterinary surgeon is not available to authorise it, your prescription medicines cannot be dispensed.


Written prescriptions can be provided for you to buy your medications elsewhere, usually from an internet pharmacy. There is a fee for providing a written prescription. The re-examination intervals are exactly the same whether we provide the medications or you request a written prescription.


Unused medicines and refunds - please, finish the course of medicines dispensed, unless the veterinary surgeon advises otherwise! This is important! If there are medicines left over or unused for any reason, please bring them back to the practice for us to dispose of them. We are not able to dispense out returned medicines and we pay for them to be collected and disposed of. We cannot give refunds on medicines for this reason.

Dispensing and prescriptions