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Patient Care
dentistry at chants vets

All dental cases at Chants Vets receive


    A comprehensive dental examination and dental charting


    Digital intra-oral radiographs (Xrays)


    Ultrasonic descaling and polishing


    FREE follow-up appointment with the veterinary surgeon.



We will be happy to discuss your pet’s dental health care with you and explain the different treatment options available.


Endodontic therapy (‘root canal’ therapy), restorations, periodontal therapy, bone augmentation techniques and treatments for puppy and kitten malocclusions are all available.

Here at Chants Vets we are proud to be able to offer a very high standard of dental care for your pets. We have invested in equipment and training to be able to diagnose and treat dental problems, get pets out of pain, and to save teeth.


Dental care is an essential part of caring for a pet and is a lifelong undertaking, not just a one-time event. Both the pet owner and the veterinary surgeon team up to keep the pet’s mouth as healthy as possible throughout their lives.


As part of our commitment to dental health, we are pleased to be able to offer a fantastic Dental Plan add-on to our Gold Club Health Plan members - keep your pet smiling!


The plan includes:

     Dental examinations twice per year (in addition to the two            exams that are already plan inclusive)


     Four home hygiene kits per year - to take home after each       exam


     A massive 25% discount on dental procedures - including

     X-rays and oral surgery. WOW!






Gold Club Health Plan.